We want to make healthcare better. Join us!

haelsi is a Vienna-based health startup that builds and operates ultra-convenient health centers. Our patients get the best healthcare experience and our medical staff the best workplace they’ve ever imagined.

Our first health center is live with a few thousand paying members, we just raised a financing round, and we aim to serve a million patients across Europe in 10 years. Here is our website: haelsi.at.

Check out the jobs landing page to learn more about what we do.

Our big and simple goal

Our goal is to build a healthcare ecosystem that puts people first and helps them get and stay healthy in the most convenient way imaginable.

Who we are

We don’t spend a lot of time updating this, but check out our Linkedin page to see who works here. We speak English and German at work.

Our office and medical center is right next to U2 Krieau 🚄

What you’ll be doing:

You’ll probably have